Home nursing care is made up of a team of skilled healthcare professionals who provide complete patient care. This idea of taking care of the patient at their own space or home has brought several benefits along with it. Besides getting nursing care, a patient is also facilitated with an at-home physician, physiotherapist, speech therapist, etc., whenever required. These are just the basic benefits of choosing a home healthcare service provider. Customizable services are also provided by the nursing care service providers like providing medical equipment or devices as needed by the patient.

The main perspective of home healthcare is to provide access to all possible services to improve the health of the patient. At home nursing care especially helps in taking care of the patient along with the indolence and comfort of their own home. It not only prevents hospitalizations, but also allows the patient to live with family while being looked after by professionals.

How Roxycare Can Make Your Life Easier With Professional Nursing Services at Home?

As the senior population grows, the market is ripe for innovation in the care industry. The home nursing care environment differs slightly from hospitals since it is customized by the patient’s choice and need. But this builds a healthy nurse-patient connection unlike in a hospital where a single nurse has to look after more than one patient. Furthermore, the individual-appointed nurse remains in direct contact with the physician to update the patient’s health status as needed. This direct connection helps the patient’s health and it ensures patient safety along with creating higher quality outcomes.

In a hospital setting a patient is entitled to follow all admin rules formulated by the hospital. However, in a home nursing care set up within the patient’s own home, the decision making is all done by the patient or the family.

What are the main benefits of home nursing?

1. It is financially economic.

At home nursing care is much more cost-effective than a prolonged hospitalization. In many cases, hospitalization is prolonged due to the need for special procedures that are required to be performed by the nurse multiple times a day. However, opting for hospital stays just for the need for medical care is not an economical idea. Reaching a home care service provider can turn out to be nearly less than half the price in comparison with hospitalization. In this way even setting up a virtual hospital with all the required medical equipment like a ventilator, medical monitor, etc, is feasible and lessens the financial burden on the pocket as well.

2. The patient receives full attention of family along with professional care.

At home nursing care provides all the medical care and attention which is needed for the patient. This sets the family free to provide emotional support and care to the patient to help in quick recovery. It also minimizes self-negligence chances of the patient in any aspect from medications to other needs. Any patient dealing with issues like depression, memory loss, or any other psychological issues is liable to opt for self-negligence very often. Some of its frequently noticed symptoms include:

• Skipping meals
• Minimal interest in taking medications
• Lack of interest in all routine chores and personal hygiene etc.

All such things can be taken care of by opting at-home nursing care to ensure the safety and health of the patient. As per several research studies, healing and recovery come faster after an illness or procedure if there is the comfort of the home and love of the family along with the needed care and that is what nursing care helps in.

3. Patients are in a comfortable aura and surroundings.

Restricting a patient in the hospital with limited surroundings for longer durations can leave a negative impact on mental ability and health. A prolonged hospital stay can merely fulfill the medical needs of the patient, not the social and emotional needs. Besides medical help, every patient requires more in terms of love care and support. Home gives it all along with the help of nursing care to the patient. It does help the patient recover soon with all medical care within the comfort and love of home and family.

Familiar surroundings of the home relieve a lot of burdened stress from the patient’s mind. It helps in recovery and developing a healthy mindset again of the patient.

4. Customized medical care is possible.

Nursing care at home gives a little space for customizing things or surroundings as per the patient’s comfort. Whereas hospitals are bound to treat and provide every patient with the same things. A nursing caregiver can also be hired with several other customizable needs of the patient from helping with food, daily chores, medications, etc. Personalized care not just helps the patient recover quicker and better but it also provides one-on-one care which is a medical necessity.

5. Patients have easy access to all required medical needs like medication, equipment or devices.

During nursing care at home, the hired nurse can help in procuring medical equipment as per need from the service provider on monthly rentals. Refilling the medications from a pharmacy or even fixing appointments with the doctor for a home visit, etc., are some other tasks that are managed by a nursing care assistant. All that relives family’s stress and ensures that the patient is under the right supervision 24 x 7. A hired nurse is equipped with all social and medical skills to manage everything timely and safely.

6. Nursing care improves quality of life by supporting activities of daily living.

At home Nursing care can help a person with three basic needs preserving their dignity and maintaining life quality. From bathing, simple grooming, helping in eating, walking, etc, everything is supervised by a skilled nurse. Supervising an elderly or a loved one during recovery becomes important to avoid any further complications or injuries. It helps in keeping the patient or a person self-sufficient with little help without feeling dependent on the family.

7. Patients have dietary support.

Healthy nutrition is very important for everyone. But when it comes to the elderly or sick person nutrition becomes even more important. In the absence of family members besides the sick or elderly person all the time, it becomes difficult to ensure healthy nutrition. But hiring a nursing caregiver can ensure that nutrition is taken care of properly. Good caregivers can actually help with meal preparation as well at times and even observe a change in the eating habits of the person and report it to the concerned doctor or family member.

8. Patients have companionship.

Seniors or elder people living alone experience loneliness very often. It builds a place for social isolation and eventually leads to a decline in general health. A nursing caregiver can help your loved one have friendly conversations and combat that social isolation phase. Keeping communication alive is very impactful for the overall health and well-being of an individual.

9. Patients have access to skilled nursing care at home.

Nursing care at home provides access to medical care which can be delivered at home by experienced nurses who are certified and licensed for their work. Specialized nurses for a particular therapeutic area or a procedure can also be appointed for specific care and need of the patient.

10. Nursing care at home also follows Watson’s theory of human caring.

Caring for human life is kept above all by a professionally trained nurse. Building a transparent and caring relationship with the patient and caring at the moment is their motive. Compassionate care with quality is the best benefit of nursing care. A nurse deals in a professionally trained yet compassionate way keeping all personal emotions aside and doing what is best and right for the patient.


Home nursing care providers understand all the involved risk factors like unwanted falls. Hence, nursing care professionals are trained to take proper interventions for minimizing and preventing any such injuries to the patient. Nursing care helps the patient in all aspects from medical to social needs to improve the quality of life.

A nurse takes care of everything about the patient from daily chores to diet, timely medications, social involvement, assisting in medical procedures as when required, etc. all these just make it simple and easier to follow a stress-free regime for the patient and the involved family. A hired nurse for nursing care of the patient is trained in every aspect and is capable of handling different medical emergencies and situations which can be risky for a family to deal with at times. So opting for nursing care is the best thing anyone can choose for their loved one in need of medical and general care.

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