Terms & Conditions

  1. This agreement shall be binding for 1 month. Until cancellation agreement will be renewed every month.
  2. The monthly payment should be paid to Roxycare Private Limited directly in advance every month, Please insist on getting a paid invoice and receipt from us.
  3. If the employee is not suitable for you or if the employee does not find the work suitable then it should be made known to our agency before 3 days.
  4. Once in 15 days, the employee is eligible for one day of leave. In case the employee is not availing the leave and stays back and extends his/her service, Should be compensated.
  5. Only the work which is agreed upon before taking the employee must be given.
  6. No Refund of payment in case of death, ICU admission, Recovery, or shifting to a far place.
  7. This agreement withstands till the patient is alive.
  8. Food must be served to the caregiver at the appropriate time and in adequate quantity.
  9. All the facilities (Proper bedding, bathing facility) should be provided for the employee to stay in the patient’s house.
  10. If the employee service is for 24 hours, the employer should provide appropriate resting/sleeping periods.
  11. During the tenure of the employee, the members of the house should be treated as part of the family member.
  12. In case of death of the above-mentioned patient, the agreement will be treated as expired.
  13. In case, of part-time duty client should allow leave once a week to the staff.
  14. In case staff of staff sick or absent of the service, we will give the alternative person on available.
  15. For a part-time, we are not giving a guarantee for continuous service. Due to shortage of staff.
  16. For male patients we have limited female staff, during replacement please cooperate to provide a replacement.
  17. In case of service termination, both parties should be given notice for 2 days.
  18. In the worst case, if we are not able to deliver the service, we will refer to another service provider.