Cancer Care Services

Our In-Home Nursing Services includes home nursing care in bangalore, patient care services, nursing care services bangalore, nursing services in bangalore, home nursing in bangalore, nursing care at home to assist the doctor’s care on a daily basis. Our services are available for 12 hours and 24 hours a day.

We are here to help when you need us
  • On call 24/7 for client needs
  • Flexible and fast scheduling
  • Regular quality assurance
  • Thorough care management and family support
  • Double the care team staff of other agencies

Cancer Care Treatment in Bangalore ?

In home care services for nursing? We are here to help you, Roxycare brings to you personalized patient care offered in a sensitive and absolute manner. Our staff is efficient, appropriately trained and understanding of all your needs.

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Our Patient Care Services in Bangalore

An in-home trained attendant service provides holistic support at home. Trained attendants, also known as caregivers, take care of the daily activities of a person in need. They help with personal grooming, movement, feeding, light housekeeping, and are also trained to monitor general health by regularly measuring essential vitals like heart rate, blood pressure, etc.

Basic personal care
  • Assisting with walking and transferring from bed to wheelchair
  • Bathing, dressing and grooming assistance
  • Medication reminders
  • Toileting and incontinence care
  • Status reporting to family
  • Safety and fall prevention
Lifestyle support
  • Consultation and personalized care
  • Transportation to support the critical initial transition
  • Errands, grocery shopping, prescription pick-up, housekeeping
  • Meal preparation and nutrition
  • Rehabilitation reminders, physical and emotional support
  • Transportation to rehabilitation sessions, doctor appointments

Trained attendants for patient care services:

Our trained attendants provide care to those in need, in the comfort of their homes. They can help with personal grooming, feeding, mobility, oral medication, monitoring of vitals and more. As per your requirement, you can hire the services of a trained attendant for 12 or 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roxycare is proud to provide FAQ information for Patient Care Services.

Why the personal care is important for seniors?

Home care attendant or patient caretaker is required when the elderly cant help themselves in keeping clean or take care any physical activities like bathing, shaving, grooming, dressing and feeding. Personal care is important for elderly or seniors to keep them hygiene which leads to good health by keeping seniors away from infections or illness.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a live-in care giver ?

The responsibilities of a caregiver not only includes the patient care tasks but should include some good qualities like patience, attentiveness and trustworthy. Our caregivers know their responsibilities well in providing such care to the elderly or seniors with respect.