Our desire is to provide phenomenal care at a great value. For the peace of mind that our services provide, you would be surprised at how affordable they are. Our home care prices vary depending on the type of care that you need and the area you live in. In an effort to go above and beyond the expected our hourly rate includes our customized care plan, home safety-check, and caregiver matching.

Both 12 hour and 24-hour nursing service packages are the same as below given

Doctor visit prices are for one time visit

Sr no Services Price per day Price per month
1 Normal attender Rs.850 Rs.21,000
2 Male caregiver Rs.1,000 Rs.24,000
3 Female caregiver Rs.1,000 Rs.24,000
4 Semi-qualified nurse Rs.1,500 Rs.36,000
5 Qualified nurse Rs.2,000 Rs.45,000
6 Doctor Visit at Home Rs.2,500 Rs.60,000

How much help do you need?

The pricing for our in-home care services varies depending on the number of care hours you need per day and the type of care that is needed. We are equipped to handle all ranges of care, from just a few hours a day to live-in 24/7 care. We are also pleased to provide respite care for your loved ones allowing you some much needed time for yourself, and we even offer a special travel program for when you need assistance travelling with your loved one, or when they want to travel alone.

Below we’ve listed a few common examples of the type and amount of care that your loved one may need. Of course, your personal situation may not look exactly this, and will likely fall somewhere in-between these scenarios. Whatever your personal situation is we are prepared and happy to help. Fill out the form above to request a personalized price quote.